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Twilight workouts in November

Twilight workouts in November

img_7257I really like the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving. It’s a little lull before the full onslaught of Christmas and the darkness of the mornings and evenings seem to be sort of a retreat. And just when we write off beautiful fall weather, there’s a few days in November that are spectacular; the weather is mild, there’s still some color on the leaves, and with the cold and dark days of winter just around the corner, these kinds of nice weather days are something to cherish.

Today was one of those beautiful days and a chance to go for a walk and get in a workout, in shorts!


AMRAP 5 (As Many Round As Possible in 5 minutes)
15 wall-ball-shots (if you don’t have a medicine ball, try a dumbell squat to standing followed by a dumbell press overhead)
15 lateral-jump-overs (with two feet together, jump laterally over an object that requires a 4-8 inch clearance. Scale by simply side stepping back and forth over the object)
15 sit ups
15 plank back and forth from arms fully extended to (start in the plank position with arms fully extended (like the top of a push up), lower yourself to your forearms and then push to plank position again)

Rest 2 minutes

10 wall ball shots
10 lateral bar jump overs
10 sit ups
10 plank elbows to arms at full extension

Rest 2 minutes

5 wall ball shots
5 lateral bar jump overs
5 sit ups
5 plank elbows to arms at full extension

*start with exercise you left off from previous round



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