Summer Vacation

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My kids are 11 and 13. I take off more time in the summer but am not home all the time with my kids. They attend some camps, but not every week. The rest of the time they spend with home as their base being supervised by a neighborhood 16 year old. Like many kids, mine enjoy electronic games, playing the Wii, watching cat videos and stupid human tricks on youtube, and posting pictures on instagram. Here’s what I did this summer to keep my mind slightly more at ease knowing they wouldn’t fall too much into the electronic screen vortex.

Everyday they were left with a list of things they “had to do” like feed the pets, make their beds, read for a half hour, etc. They were also left with this option: Do an additional chore, like “fold the laundry” or “empty the dishwasher” OR, pick two things from the Summertime List to do instead. What is the summertime list? I’m glad you asked!

The Summertime List (varied every couple of days, but here’s the gist)

Play with the dog for at least 15 minutes outback

Pick flowers

and make bouquets

Make watermelon and blueberry salad

Lay on the hammock or climb the tree and just chill (no reading, texting, etc.)

Water or weed the garden

My kids liked it!

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