Services- Elemental Arts, LLC

At the heart of this work is a desire to live more in sync with the natural world, including the plants, animals, people and local ecology and economy.

I offer the following services around fitness, folk medicine, and generally becoming more literate about the land around us. While I am a product of western thought, my philosophy is informed by nature and land based traditions that are ancient and indigenous. Like everything else described on this website services are grounded in a belief that by becoming more resilient, we ‘rage against the machine.’

Fitness Coaching I’ve been training people since 2011. My philosophy aligns with my worldview that includes being aware of ways we are natural ourselves. Primary modalities are related to functional fitness and qigong.

Folk Medicine Workshops  I am available to meet with groups or individuals for  learning opportunities on foraging and preparing herbal remedies including tinctures and salves. Even to discover what you can do with what is growing in nearby fields or on your own property.

Backyard Naturalist Programs I present workshops and classes on basic plant identification, tree pruning, and what to look for in the natural environment each season. I have church groups, girlscout troops, and community education courses at local school districts. Community Education Program Guide at North Penn High School.

For any of these services, please contact me at

Julia Menzo