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Robin’s egg blue

Most people have certainty about what their favorite color is. Why would we have one favorite color over another I wonder? Perhaps it’s another way of knowing things about ourselves that make us each a unique manifestation of spirit, in a way that can’t be expressed with words. My favorite color to see is blue. I like dark teals, navy blue, very light blue. My favorite color blue is robin’s egg blue. I feel like I only truly see it when I see a robin’s egg. Any artificial creation of it seems a little off to me always. I don’t know why robin’s egg blue makes me happy, but just yesterday, I saw a cracked robin’s egg out my back alley, something I only come across every couple of years or so it seems; and I was happy.

Color must be important to us as people as we have school colors, colors are important for our flags. We add dyes to our food for no other reason than because the food is more appealing if it is a certain color. Psychologists will conclude that color preferences come from repeated positive experiences with objects of a certain color.  They also write that there are cultural reasons we like certain colors. We like cars, clothes, hair, with certain colors.

My family has a Pennsylvania Dutch heritage. Blue, and robin’s egg blue in particular are often used in those hex signs. This hex sign was painted on slate by my great uncle.  UB slate hex sign


Here’s a quilt where I used some of my favorite blues:

raven quilt

Here’s an article on Native American color meanings.

What is your favorite color?

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