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Red bud jelly

Harvest red buds in late April when they are blooming!

red buds
red buds

Red buds have thousands of purple small buds. The tree is a legume and the seed pods, buds and flowers are edible.

The recipe I use is from a book I picked up while traveling through rural Virginia, called, “A Taste of the Past: Recipes” by Phyllis Connor.  The introduction reads, “These recipes are family treasures, still used and enjoyed.  The histories of some go back to the early 1800s.  As the narratives reveal, many were staples during the Victorian Era. History teaches many lessons, but the great lesson of this collection is the ingenious way in which our forebears used meager ingredients to create great meals. Come with me on a voyage of memory, not only to day dream or muse, but to create wonderfully savory dishes that will please your family and bless the cook.”

May you be blessed!


Red Bud Jelly recipe


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