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Playground workouts

A playground is a great place for an early morning or winter workout.

Monkey bars, balance beams, swings, jungle gyms, steps, ladders, slides, all these things kids play on are fun, and at the same time give kids the chance to develop core and grip strength, balance, coordination and agility, all great for being healthy and being proficient while exploring outdoors.

These same playgrounds can be great places for workouts for adults too.

Of course it’s best to use playgrounds for a workout when kids aren’t using it; these times happen to be some of the same times I walk my crazy dog, in the early morning, or in the middle of winter.

A playground can provide some interesting possibilities for a workout! Take a look at what equipment is at the playground, consider some exercises and make up a combination workout for yourself that lasts 10-15 minutes.

Some exercises to do with typical playground equipment:

Step up to a 2 foot step or platform
Cross the monkey bars!
Dead hang, one hand or two hands
Pull ups, from the monkey bars (often a different sized grip than a usual pull up bar)
Slides, climb up and down the steps, go down the slide
Swings, use like ring rows
Swing poles, climb up
Balance beam, walk it
Railroad ties around the border of the park, bear crawl or run across them

Some equipment at Brenemen Park, Sinking Spring, PA provided a great workout over the holidays.


20 rounds:

5 “swing” rows
climb up and over the climbing apparatus
2-footed jump up to 2′ step
walk to top of 4′ landing, do a depth jump down to the ground
bear crawl back to the swings (about 10′)
repeat 19 more times!

Some ideas for playground workouts can be found at the Movnat, Reclaim Your Nature!

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