Sundays I try to make a day of rest for our family in some regard at least. My son and I never mow the grass or take on big work projects. Usually the day is spent doing some kind of craft or walk with our dog, and preparing food for whoever might be with us later that night for dinner. Me and my kids take usually about a half hour to pray and otherwise kind of tend to our spirits. A lot of days that includes something related to plants. Today we worked on plant identification. We each chose a plant that we have some familiarity with, my son chose corn, my daughter chose chocolate mint, and I chose hyssop.  We each noted the leaf pattern, leaf margin, and leaf shape, then we drew a picture of if and read about it!  Eva made mint tea and we will pick the corn soon. I have some ideas for using the hyssop in a few weeks!

Although sometimes my son and daughter roll their eyes at me, these things have become pretty routine and they fall back on our Sunday prayer when things are on the downs of the ups and downs. When my son told me he was glad that he had an Lord of the Rings elf for a mother, that made me happy too.

By learning to see these patterns I hope my kids and I will keep learning to see the details of the green when we go walking. Grateful today for many things, including the amazing variety of plants that are always outside our door.

And here’s our prayer.  The person who is in each direction leads the prayer at that direction.

East: Sun is coming up, we pray about things we hope for

South:  Sun is in the highest part of the sky and it’s the busiest part of our days.  We usually pray about school and work then.

West:  Sun is setting.  We pray about things we want to take with us and things we want to leave behind.

North:  Sun is not in this sky. We pray about the mystery and magic and miracles of the north, and give thanks.

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I'm a mom, coach and disaster planner. I like quilting and identifying plants and birds.

2 thoughts on “Sundays”

  1. Ella says:

    You might want to consider adding “the center,” too. It’s the place of sovereignty – of knowing who you really are (as opposed to the messages the outside world gives you). A sense of purpose is born here (again and again as we continually transform). It’s where we learn to make conscious decisions based on inner/higher guidance.

    Love reading your thoughts, Julia!

  2. jemenzo@gmail.com says:

    Thanks Ella! I will do that!

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