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Mullein and Sage Gargle for Sore Throat


Mullein and Sage Gargle for Sore Throat

I had been waiting for one of my friends to get a sore throat to try this sage and mullein remedy that I had come across in a couple different books; and this week a couple people came down with sore throats so we gave it a shot. 


I am lucky enough to have sage on hand from out west. The mullein is also from out west but a variety also grows around here and you can find it growing wild all over the place, and in my backyard. Most people think of it as a weed but it has many medicinal qualities. While it is best known to heal ear aches, along with the sage, the combination serves to sooth sore throats because it has anodyne and expectorant qualities. The sage has an aroma like eucalyptus. 

Other herbs for sore throat gargles include cayenne, mugwort and garden sage. And of course gargling with warm salt water is also a long tested effective way to sooth sore throats.


To make the gargle, bring two cups of water to boiling, reduce heat to just below boiling. Add a tablespoon of dried mullein and a tablespoon of dried sage. Let steep for 5 minutes. Remove leaves. Let cool. Use as a gargle every half hour to hour. My sick friends seemed to think that the cooling herbs were soothing.

Mullein and Sage have been used to sooth other respiratory ailments as well.

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