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Movnat Style Combo with L-sit hang

Movnat style combo with L-sit hang:

5 rounds

find a playground jungle gym or use a pull up bar.  From a dead hang, walk your hands across the monkey bars, or simply walk yourself around whatever bar length you have to hang

drop to ground. Jump up to hang again, perform one strict pull up

drop to ground. Jump up to hang again, perform a 10-20 second L-sit hang

step under a barrier 5 times, step over a barrier 5 times

jump to 2×4 or railroad tie on a playground, perform a squat while balancing on the 2×4,

perform (2) split squats on the 2×4

Movnat has become one of my favorite styles of movement. It gets me thinking about how my body moves, but it does not jar me or feel like I’m beating myself up! For more movnat style workouts visit movnat.com

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