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Making Motherwort Tincture

bitter motherwort

Making Motherwort Tincture


It is early June here. About 3 years ago I transplanted and rooted a cutting from a motherwort plant I was surprised to find in a local park.

Three years later, the plant transplanted itself to a different location, this time next to my compost bin. It’s gorgeous this year and in full bloom. I am dring some of the flowers and leaves for tea, and brewing motherwort tincture from the fresh herb now. Also blooming with the motherwort are elder flowers and valerian, and the local strawberries are in season.


Motherwort is used to relieve anxiety and tension and is most commonly considered for relief from cramps and menopause. Well known herbalist Susan Weed indicates that Motherwort is for everyone. For a guide on usage and dosing, visit her article about motherwort.

Motherwort Tincture Recipe
Take fresh cuttings from a blooming motherwort plant on a sunny dry day
Pack a pint or quart size jar with herbs and flowers.
Cover with 80 proof vodka
Pour whole mixture into blender and pulse a couple of times
Return mixture to glass jar
Store in a cool dry place
Shake daily

In two weeks, strain off the plant parts with a cheese cloth, pour into dropper bottles.




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