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Fall Equinox 2015

We have had hot weather here in Pennsylvania well into late September, and we are looking forward to some cooler temperatures now that we’ve arrived at the fall equinox.

This year we celebrated one of our friends birthdays on the equinox, and then the next day we went apple picking. There’s also seeming to be hundreds of eggplants and tomatoes around.  Brussels sprouts we planted months ago, are starting to brussel!  Our Indian corn is looking beautiful.

This month has also meant going back to school and the start of fall activities, this year, it’s field hockey for us.

To recognize the change in season this weekend I’d like to make applesauce and more baba ganoush, and maybe have a fire on Friday night.

And if summer means chopping, fall means baking. Pumpkin baking (and associated baked pumpkin products) will go on for months. This year I’d also like to see what more I might do with hickory nuts and walnuts as they are all over the place around here.

We are in the midst of the fall migration, and hopefully we’ll make a trip to hawk mountain to witness the migration of song birds and hundreds of birds of prey including eagles, hawks and falcons.

Things I’d like to do this fall include biking with my kids, making more eggplant parmesan, and changing up my workouts. Now that the weather is cooler, I’d like to get outside even more and include two workouts beyond the garage gym a week.  For example a movnat wod in the park, or a trail run.


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