Deer Hunting

Deer hunting season in Pennsylvania runs from fall through early winter each year. Some schools still have off the Monday after Thanksgiving to enjoy the first day of rifle season.

The hunters I know live traditional American lives in many ways.  They go to office jobs, coach little league, put up Christmas ornaments, take care of their families. When talking about the time they are in the woods I get a sense that it is set apart from the everyday and in some way sacred and protected. A lot of them talk about stillness, quiet, alertness and peacefulness. I only know of a handful of women who hunt, and I am jealous of them!  These friends of mine relish talking about hunting. I am lucky enough to usually get some venison from my friends each year. Hopefully next year I will join them.

Having venison is a treat. Because it is so lean, it is best to cook it with more butter or lard than you would a beef steak.  I also really enjoy cloves and sage in cooking it!  Hunting for Anthropologists: Deer Hunting an.d the Local Food Movement is a great article.

Interested in learning to hunt? Register for the Pa Hunting Course.

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