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Comfrey and Yarrow Tinctures

In a previous posts I’ve talked about how I made motherwort and echinacea tinctures.

I recently made two more tinctures using yarrow and comfrey. For these particular tinctures I used fresh plants, picked on a sunny day at the peak of blooming. For each of these plants I used the green leaves and stalks, as well as flowers. For a full explanation of this process, visit Making Motherwort Tincture. The same process was used here, except of course for using comfrey and yarrow instead of motherwort!

Comfrey Tincture: Use as a compress for internal and external wounds and for relief of arthritis pain. Use externally only.


Yarrow Tincture: Yarrow is an anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, and astringent that can be used internally or externally.  It’s used to stop bleeding especially for nosebleeds and other external lacerations. Also used to ease irritable bowels and for irritation of the bladder or urethra.

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