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Being in love, Lochloosa

Main Road, Johns Island

This January is remarkably dreary. Hearing JJ Grey & Mofro’s “Lochloosa” today snapped me into remembering all those remarkable special places near and far from home that make me feel like JJ does in this song. The feeling of being in love with special places. For me, it’s the feeling of crossing from New Hampshire into Maine, the view from the top of the Pinnacle in Berks County, PA, the first sound of the ocean as you walk barefoot over the dunes, the aspens in Colorado, the Live Oaks on Main Road on Johns Island SC, the hundreds of colors of clay in Moab. And it’s the silence of the first blanket of snow, right here in my hometown..the one we are still waiting for this year. The Spell of the SensuousBeing in love with a place always seems to be perfectly reciprocated.


Homesick but it’s alright
Lochloosa is on my mind
She’s on my mind

I swear it’s ten thousand degrees in the shade
Lord have mercy knows – how much I love it
Every mosquito every rattlesnake
Every cane break – everything

Every alligator every blackwater swamp
Every freshwater spring – everything
All we need is one more damn developer

Tearing her heart out

All we need is one more Mickey Mouse
Another golf course another country club
Another gated community

Lord I need her
Lord I need her
And she’s slipping away

If my grandfather could see her now
He’d lay down and die
Cause every minute every second every hour

Every day – Lord she’s slipping away

Homesick but it’s alright
Lochloosa is on my mind
She’s on my mind


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