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Complementary Living is about land, wellness, and resiliency in the face of climate change, and has a lean toward ideas that don’t necessarily take western conventional wisdom as absolute truth. The site is geared towards families and individuals who likely eat, shop, live, and vote in the greater Delaware River Valley. Climate change is already making an impact; it’s predicted the most likely impacts on the Mid-Atlantic region of the US will be increased overall temperatures and more extreme weather with more precipitation.

So while this site does contain information about practical climate change adaptation strategies and articles on policies that impact climate, there are less obvious pieces about how to think about and adapt to climate change, for example by considering ways to take more responsibility for our own health, and outlandish suggestions about how to imagine a more sane life.

Complementary Living suggests that by considering ancient and other worldviews that complement western traditions, that we might not only learn ways to make our own lives less harsh and demanding, but we also might find ourselves better prepared to deal with the impacts of climate change that are already starting to impact all of us.

As for me, Julia, I’ve always liked moving and being outdoors, so studying about ways to manage resources made sense to me because I grew up with a passion of wanting to preserve and conserve. In the experience of going through life, meeting people with different worldviews, and having children, I began to pay more attention to my own worldview and how I thought about my perception of the natural world that I love. I began to become less interested in policy and more interested in the intimate connections between people and the natural environment. Then things started to come back to the beginning again, as my career evolved into one of disaster preparedness and response for a faith based program called Lutheran Disaster Response. I started fresh again and began to realize that the very personal relationship we have with the natural world necessarily impacts the policies we make in regard to it.


I am much more interested in working on the resiliency and lifestyle side of climate change than I am in the responding to disasters side of it! That is why the intention of this website is to offer ideas, strategies and challenges to help us adapt and ultimately live more healthily in the face of climate change. I’m especially interested in natural traditions to complement life based on Western Civ 101.

Most references are to places near where I live in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and the areas where people in the greater Philadelphia area tend to visit often, like the Jersey shore, Poconos, and Delaware River.  If you are interested in subscribing, click on the RSS feed icon in the top right hand corner of the page. Thank you!