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Workout: out and up June 2016

In this workout, after performing several repetitions of an exercise, you’ll perform a “medball walk.” The medball walk can be done with a traditional medicine ball, or any weighted object that takes effort, but not strenuous effort to push out in front of you and overhead, such as a 10 or 25 lb barbell plate, a Tupperwear bowl filled with dirt, a sandbag, or some other household item. The athlete should walk about 50 meters, and while walking and beginning with the object a chest height, push the object out in front parallel to the ground and then back to chest, then overhead so biceps are next to ears, and back to chest, all while continuing to walk. “medball walk”

2 times through 

20 repetitions: sit down to a box and stand up
medball walk
20 weighted lunges
med ball walk
20 dumb bell strict presses overhead (db’s start on your shoulders then push dumbbells overhead so your biceps are next to your ears)
med ball walk
10 push ups
med ball walkmelina sept wod



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